Applying Choose Movement to Software Development and Training

Choose Movement is an organization focused on social responsibility and dedicated to empowering businesses, communities, and individuals with advanced skills to maintain high internal standards in the areas of personal accountability, development, judgement and team problem solving.

Choose Movement Consulting, named accordingly to showcase its participation in the program, employs these skills in everything we do. As such, we are well equipped to provide long-term solutions while maintaining a high social standard. You can be confident in receiving high quality work that appropriately fits your requirements and considers your future plans for success and growth. We value usability and smooth operation.

Choose Movement agrees closely with Agile philosophy. We have applied Choose Movement to Scrum to create our own set of development practices optimized for small and dynamic teams. We stay closely connected with you to collect feedback on an regular basis and incorporate it into features as we build them. This form of continuous delivery feature-by-feature keeps everybody on track and makes us nimble to adjust as requirements change or new needs arise.