Automated Test

Our team has substantial experience in the automated test industry, be it working on production test, manufacturing test, automating bed-of-nails testers, verification testing for medical devices, and more. 

Instrument Communication and Interfaces

The vast majority of projects require the integration of many instruments and pieces of equipment. However, if they do not come from the same vendor, they are not typically designed to work together. This makes integration a time-consuming, laborious, and often confusing task. We specialize in understanding instrument communication and instrument communication protocols. We then take advantage of our own internal tools to quickly build solutions that use LabVIEW as the central brain to coordinate communication and execution between the various instruments. This is particularly effective when developing for automated test or automated assembly.

Medical Device Verification and Validation

Our developers have many years of experience in the medical device industry, specifically working on verification and validation of medical devices. This includes familiarity with the CFR and implementing every step from requirements gathering to test development to documentation and final validation. 

User Interface Development

Historically, LabVIEW has not been known as being very capable in the creation of professional user interfaces. However, in reality it simply requires having the right tools and knowledge. We can transform your user interface into looking like a highly professional application and replicate behavior that you would see in data grids, linked plots, and more.