Manufacturing Industry 4.0

When upgrading your assembly line for manufacturing tasks, it's important to remember that your technology is just as important, if not more so, than the tools used for the job. The smarter your technology, the more control you have over your operation. The problem, however, is that manufacturers today continue to rely on underdeveloped technology to do all the thinking.  Luckily, it’s not hard to add an extra layer of intelligence to your manufacturing processes.

Building a Smarter Manufacturing Process.

Designed specifically for torque tool automation, the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools combines controller capabilities with a full-featured programming language (LabVIEW), giving you unparalleled performance and control over your entire operation. Nowadays, assembly lines require more than just a basic PLC or series of stand-alone controllers to get the job done. They require intelligence: database integration, traceability, poka-yokes (mistake-proofing), automated safety measures, and everything in between.  Here’s a quick snapshot of what the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools can do for your manufacturing operation: 

  • Automate your assembly process
  • Simulate when hardware is not available
  • Customize your torque applications
  • Swap Tools whenever necessary
  • No Changes to code for new tools

Our solution allows you to integrate torque tool automation tasks into your LabVIEW program within minutes, bringing plenty of advanced features to your fingertips, such as torque tool simulation, torque application selection, torque result subscriptions, tool enable/disable features, and more. And because we use Open Protocol as the basis for the driver, torque tools can become plug-and-play devices, allowing you to use your existing software with tools that support the same functionality. 

Torque Tool Automation. Simplified.

Whether it's meeting quality & safety standards or automating an assembly line for maximum efficiency, the success of your operation is dependent on the code you employ behind the scenes. The CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools provides a simple API to program torque tool automation, making it easy to integrate torque tools into larger systems and monitor/debug torque tool communications with ease. This helps expedite the time it takes to get assembly lines up and running while reducing downtime due to hardware changes, bugs, and more. Further compress your timeline to completion by using the torque tool simulator while waiting for the actual torque tool hardware to arrive.

Ultimately, whether or not you need all of this functionality, upgrading your assembly line using the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools ensures flexibility, control, and future scalability of your entire manufacturing process. 

Join industry 4.0 by adding the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools to your assembly line technology. Test it out today!