Electronics & Appliances Industry 4.0

When it comes to the electronics & appliances industry, speed and precision are everything. For manufacturers, this means optimal assembly line automation and minimal downtime. Getting there, however, requires intelligence. No longer are the days of the basic PLC and stand-alone controllers. Industry 4.0 demands innovative technology solutions that ensure quality, speed, and reliability. From database integration, traceability, poka-yokes (mistake-proofing), automated safety measures, and everything in between, the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools gives electronics & appliances manufacturers the control and flexibility to optimize assembly lines within minutes. 

Torque Tool Automation for Electronics & Appliances Manufacturers

Combining controller capabilities with LabVIEW, the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools makes it easy to program torque tool automation and integrate them into larger systems. And since it uses Open Protocol, torque tools can become plug-and-play devices, giving you the ability to use existing software with any tool that supports the same functionality.  Here’s a quick snapshot of what the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools can do for your electronics & appliances assembly line:

  • Automate your assembly process
  • Simulate when hardware is not available
  • Customize your torque applications
  • Swap Tools whenever necessary
  • No Changes to code for new tools

From torque tool simulation, torque application selection, torque result subscriptions, tool enable/disable features, and more, the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools acts as a remedy for torque tool inefficiencies found in the electronics & appliances manufacturing industry. Whether you're looking to reuse torque tools for different purposes, error-proof automation tasks, or control the exact order and execution of your assembly process, our solution works to streamline high volume yields by giving you total control of your torque operations. 

Optimize Your Assembly Line Process

At the end of the day, the efficiency of your assembly line relies on the technology you use behind the scenes. Designed for speed, precision, and high-volume manufacturing jobs, the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools enables manufacturers to get new assembly lines up and running with ease while mitigating downtime due to hardware changes, bugs, as well as long development and testing times. Additionally, manufacturers can expedite their operations by utilizing the driver's simulator feature so that you can develop your torque tool automation software while waiting for hardware to arrive.  

Don't settle for inefficient torque tool controllers and limited automation solutions. The CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools is an integral part of reliable performant software that manages all the process control, data monitoring, and tool automation necessary for a modern assembly line.

Test out Industry 4.0 by trying out the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools today!