Oscilloscope and Function Generator for myRIO

Oscilloscope and Function Generator for myRIO

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Download for free from National Instruments here.

The Oscilloscope and Function Generator for myRIO by Choose Movement Consulting turns your computer and myRIO into a fully functional 2-channel, 250 kHz oscilloscope and 2-channel function generator. Use it for labs or for your own projects to study and understand signal behaviors. Take measurements and view waveforms. Generate signals to test circuits or drive electronics. Explore and modify the code to add your own functionality.

Oscilloscope Specifications
- 2 input channels
- ±10 V input range
- 250 kHz maximum acquisition rate for each channel
- Simultaneous sampling
- Continuous acquisition or single buffer
- Volts peak-peak, volts RMS, and frequency measurements for each channel
- 200 ms to 20 µs time/div range
- Cursors can inspect signals
- Amplitude autoscaling

Function Generator Specifications
- 2 output channels
- 345 kS/s maximum update rate
- Generation of sine and square waves
- Ability to update amplitude, frequency, and offset
- Configuraton of signal sweep output

This add-on software requires LabVIEW software installed with myRIO hardware and software.