CMC Open Protocol API

CMC Open Protocol API

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The CMC Open Protocol API implements Open Protocol over TCP using the CMC Driver Framework. It provides an application programming interface to implement a wide variety of MIDs. The API accepts and returns data in pre-formatted clusters, as well as provides access to the raw data. 

The API includes the necessary MIDs to establish a connection, manage a keep-alive, enable/disable tools, select applications, subscribe to tightening results, select linking groups and more.

CMC Driver Framework
For more information on the CMC Driver Framework, the tools it includes, and advantages it provides, check out the full description here.

MID Support
The following MIDs are supported by the CMC Open Protocol API:

  • MID0001
  • MID0003
  • MID0010
  • MID0012
  • MID0014
  • MID0015
  • MID0017
  • MID0018
  • MID0019
  • MID0020
  • MID0021
  • MID0022
  • MID0024
  • MID0030
  • MID0032
  • MID0034
  • MID0035
  • MID0037
  • MID0038
  • MID0039
  • MID0040
  • MID0042
  • MID0043
  • MID0050
  • MID0051
  • MID0052
  • MID0054
  • MID0060
  • MID0061
  • MID0062
  • MID0063
  • MID0064
  • MID0082
  • MID0214
  • MID9999