CMC Open Protocol API
CMC Open Protocol API

CMC Open Protocol API

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The CMC Open Protocol API implements Open Protocol over TCP using the CMC Driver Framework. It provides an application programming interface in LabVIEW to implement a wide variety of MIDs. The API accepts and returns data in pre-formatted clusters, as well as provides access to the raw data. 

The API includes the necessary MIDs to establish a connection, manage a keep-alive, enable/disable tools, select applications, subscribe to tightening results, select linking groups and more.

The CMC Open Protocol API is designed for those interested in writing their own torque tools driver or who would like to implement their own solution with Open Protocol. For those who would like to work with a torque tool immediately, please see the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools

CMC Driver Framework

For more information on the CMC Driver Framework, the tools it includes, and advantages it provides, check out the full description here.

MID Support

The following MIDs are supported by the CMC Open Protocol API:

  • MID0001
  • MID0003
  • MID0010
  • MID0012
  • MID0014
  • MID0015
  • MID0017
  • MID0018
  • MID0019
  • MID0020
  • MID0021
  • MID0022
  • MID0024
  • MID0030
  • MID0032
  • MID0034
  • MID0035
  • MID0037
  • MID0038
  • MID0039
  • MID0040
  • MID0042
  • MID0043
  • MID0050
  • MID0051
  • MID0052
  • MID0054
  • MID0060
  • MID0061
  • MID0062
  • MID0063
  • MID0064
  • MID0082
  • MID0214
  • MID9999

The CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools follows the Open Protocol Standard. As such, it should work with any Torque Tool that utilizes the Open Protocol Standard for communication. Below is a list of Torque Tools that it has been tested against:

  • Cleco mPro400GC
  • Cleco mPro400GC(D)
  • Atlas Copco Power Focus 6000

Please see the User Manual for a complete set of MIDs and MID versions that are supported.

System Recommendations

  • Windows 10 or later
  • LabVIEW 2017 SP1 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)

Technical Support

Please visit the CMC Driver Framework Forum for any questions you have regarding CMC products. This helps us build a library of resources for other users to learn from each others' experience. If you cannot post publicly about your project, then contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.