CMC Driver for TDK-Lambda Genesys
CMC Driver for TDK-Lambda Genesys
CMC Driver for TDK-Lambda Genesys

CMC Driver for TDK-Lambda Genesys

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The CMC Driver for TDK-Lambda Genesys adds support for the TDK-Lambda Genesys power supply to the CMC Driver Framework. This enables you to use the CMC DC-Power API to automate your Genesys power supply and take advantage of all of the tools and advantages provided by the CMC Driver Framework. The driver includes a simulator that replicates the behavior of a Genesys, enabling you to develop without a Genesys on hand. 

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Genesys Simulator
The CMC Driver for TDK-Lambda Genesys comes with a pre-built Genesys simulator. Program and test your application without a power supply. When your Genesys arrives, simply load your Genesys configuration instead of your Simulated Genesys configuration and you will be using your power supply without any changes to code. 

The Genesys Simulator aims to provide a seamless experience including function delays and reproducing the actual communication protocol commands in the console. This enables you to observe the device interaction in the console for debugging purposes without having a Genesys connected.

Use the CMC Configuration Manager to modify the behavior of the Simulated Genesys like setting expected noise levels and adding a simulated load. The power supply query functions provide a randomized noise output (Expected Value + Noise) to simulate real behavior. 

Configuration for Genesys Simulator

CMC Driver Framework
For more information on the CMC Driver Framework, the tools it includes, and the advantages it provides, check out the full description here.

Product Details
Communication Interfaces Supported

  • LAN
  • GPIB
  • USB (Coming soon)
  • RS-232 (Coming soon)

Software Requirements

  • LabVIEW 2016 or later
  • CMC Driver Framework Core (Free)
  • CMC DC-Power Core (Free)