Agriculture Industry 4.0

Durability and dependability are staples of the agriculture equipment manufacturing industry. With many consumers paying top dollar for big-ticket agriculture items and equipment, manufacturers are expected to deliver reliable, high-quality products without skipping a beat. And since the production volume of agricultural assembly lines is lower than most industries, even the smallest errors can lead to massive cost deficits. The CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools works to mitigate some of these common assembly line inefficiencies, bringing control and scalability to every agricultural manufacturing operation. 

Torque Tool Automation for Agricultural Assembly Lines

Built on LabVIEW, the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools provides a simple API for torque tool automation, allowing manufacturers to program complex torque tool automation tasks with ease. The API integrates with the larger CMC Driver Framework, providing an easy-to-use interface for managing torque tool configurations and a console for monitoring and debugging communications with torque tool controllers.  Here’s a quick snapshot of what the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools can do for your agricultural assembly line:

  • Automate your assembly process
  • Simulate when hardware is not available
  • Customize your torque applications
  • Swap Tools whenever necessary
  • No Changes to code for new tools

Additionally, agriculture equipment manufacturers can use the driver's simulator to develop, test, and optimize torque tool automation tasks while waiting for hardware to arrive. This means agriculture equipment manufacturers can get new assembly lines up and running faster, reduce downtime due to hardware changes and failures, and speed up debugging when issues arise.

Optimizing Your Agricultural Manufacturing Operation

In today's agriculture equipment manufacturing industry, basic PLC and stand-alone controllers are gradually becoming less viable. That said, the need for new, advanced torque tool automation technology is becoming more apparent. The CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools delivers this added layer of intelligence to your agricultural manufacturing operation, giving you the control you need to program, manage, and integrate complex torque tool automation tasks with ease and precision.

Join Industry 4.0 today and gain more control over your operation by upgrading your agricultural manufacturing assembly line with the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools.  

Test out Industry 4.0 by trying out the CMC Driver for Open Protocol Torque Tools today!